CG render of a Grape Ape 4-pack of cans
two hand cheersing glasses of beer above two cans of Grape Ape IPA on a wooden abrrel
Two cans of Grape Ape IPA being smashed together and foamy beer pouring out. One hand wearing a blue latex glove.
Smog City Brewing

Grape Ape IPA 4pk 16oz. cans

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Grape Ape | 4-pack 16oz. cans

West Coast IPA with Muscat wine grapes | 7.0%

Grape Ape is a unique animal. Grape Ape is a beer / wine hybrid that jumps out of the glass with nuanced tropical notes of kiwi, jack fruit and mango. This 7% stunner drinks dry and snappy with piles of tropical fruit bolstered by citrus and round berry tones. With a rich and complex fruit salad of flavor and aroma, this brew is mind-bendingly delicious.

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