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Smog City Brewing Co.

Open Positions 

Job Description

Beertender (Part Time) - Smog City @ Glendora Public Market

To apply to any of our open positions, please send your resume along with a cover letter to and be sure to include the job title & location in the subject line.

Smog City Brewing Co. has three taprooms that are the heart of our business and we are looking for experienced restaurant/bar professionals to join our amazing team. Our Beertenders are the frontlines of our brewery, getting the opportunity to guide our customers to their favorite beer, help them explore new styles, and ensure everyone that comes to Smog City is welcomed with open arms. We pride ourselves in being a diverse group of creative individuals that have a strong passion for quality beer, all things Smog City, and coloring outside the lines. 

Job duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Be an ambassador of Smog City Brewing Co., understanding that you are the face of the company and must represent what Smog City stands for in everything you do and every interaction you have with customers. 
  • Uphold Smog City customer service standards, making our taprooms a welcoming place for everyone
  • Greet and interact with guests in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Answer questions and educate guests about Smog City beer, teaching them about our products, culture, and brewing process.
  • Pour and serve our beer with an attention to detail
  • In addition to beertending, there will be shifts that will require you to be the Smog City host, greeting customers, seating them at their table, and maintaining wait lists.
  • Act as the primary taproom cleaner and dishwasher on certain shifts
  • Follow all Taproom SOPs, including all new COVID-19 cleaning and social distance procedures 
  • Help maintain our draft systems as needed, including cleaning draft lines and communicating any issues or changes you notice to the appropriate team member
  • Make recommendations for improvements and constantly be looking for opportunities to make our taproom experience better. 
  • Help us with social media content, taking photos when appropriate and adding them to our shared albums
  • Maintain a safe work environment.
  • Practice responsible service standards
  • Do you part to make sure our space stays clean, including sweeping, mopping, washing glassware, restocking restrooms, etc.
  • Work morning, afternoon, night, and/or weekends as needed.
  • Participate in beer festivals and events as needed.
  • Work Smog City special events as needed.
  • Help with Smog City deliveries as needed to the local L.A. area, including prepping orders and making deliveries 


  • 1 - 3 years of restaurant or bar experience in a customer facing role
  • 1 year of experience waiting tables and/or in a host role
  • Good interpersonal skills with the ability to work effectively with individuals and groups at all organizational levels
  • Impeccable customer service skills and a desire to interact with and host a wide range of individuals with varying levels of beer knowledge
  • Ability to proactively look for opportunities to make improvements in taproom operations and suggest steps to make changes. 
  • Must be a motivated self-starter
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize responsibilities in a fast-paced environment
  • Desire to learn about craft beer and quality standards, including draft maintenance 
  • Flexibility to work at any of our 3 taproom locations location in Torrance and Long Beach
  • Knowledge and passion for craft beer is preferred with an emphasis on education and helping customers find their new favorite beer they didn’t know they liked.
  • Knowledge of Square POS systems preferred
  • Draft system knowledge preferred
  • Proof of completion of LEAD course in accordance with ABC regulation within 30 days of hire
  • Open availability to work weekends (Friday - Sunday)
  • Ability to follow and adhere to all COVID-19 procedures and guidelines
  • Clean driving record preferred

Minimum Physical Requirements:

  • Must be in good physical condition and able to maneuver in tight/confined spaces.
  • Must be able to walk, sit, stand, crouch for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs. and maneuver at least 165 lb kegs.
  • Must be able to perform all job duties while wearing a face mask at all times

Job Description

Shift Brewer (Full Time) - Torrance Brewery & Taproom

To apply to any of our open positions, please send your resume along with a cover letter to and be sure to include the job title & location in the subject line.

The shift brewer’s role is to produce wort to trained SOP’s while living and breathing the Smog City core values of Quality, Community and Respect. A shift brewer is organized, responsible and communicates effectively when faced with problems in the brewing process and with the brewhouse and brewery equipment.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Runs the brewhouse to trained SOPs 
  • Wort Production
  • Milling, Mashing, Boiling, Heat Exchange, Pitching Yeast, Brewhouse CIP
  • Yeast Handling
  • Cell counting with cellometer, calculating accurate pitch rates, pitching cone to cone, from brink, evaluating yeast health on a daily basis
  • Data recording
  • Making all pertinent measurements to process incl. temp, pH, gravity, DO, CO2
  • Using paper logs, spreadsheets, and production software to record data
  • Receives raw materials and maintains accurate inventory as it pertains to your position incl. malt, hops, adjuncts, chemicals, finings, nutrients, etc.
  • CIPs fermentors, bright tanks, transfer hoses, recirculation loops, and any other cleaning required to execute the above

General Requirements:

  • Stay organized and communicate effectively
  • Understands and adheres to recipes and formulas.
  • What is on the brew log goes in the tank, what goes in the tank is recorded on the paper log and in the brewery software.
  • Maintains a safe, clean and positive work environment.
  • Maintain cleanliness and sanitation of all equipment and facilities at all times.
  • Learns and adheres to standard operating and safety procedures in wort production, vessel cleaning and sanitation, yeast handling, fermentation and maturation, sample collecting and filtration operations.
  • Maintains the operational efficiency and safety of the equipment you use. 
  • Catch it before it breaks, fix it if you can, bring it to someone’s attention if you can’t.
  • Keeps accurate logs and governmental compliance paperwork.
  • Assists in safety compliance and QA/QC.
  • Works hard and efficiently on a daily basis to make the best beer possible.
  • Participates in beer festivals and events. You make the beer, tell the world about it!
  • All staff help out wherever they are needed. The above are guidelines but additional responsibilities may, and most likely will, be required.
  • Must be able work work nights & weekends

Minimum Physical Requirements:

  • Must be in good physical condition and able to maneuver in confined spaces.
  • Must be able to walk, sit, stand, and/or crouch for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able & willing to work early morning, daytime, evening and/or weekend shifts.
  • Must be able to lift 55 lbs. (malt bag!) to shoulder level repeatedly and maneuver at least 165 lb. (full keg!) containers safely.

Necessary Skills:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and use your time efficiently.
  • Insane knowledge of the brewing process and how everything you do affects the quality of the beer.
  • Excellent beer knowledge, a good sense of smell and taste with the ability to communicate what you are sensing.
  • Must be able to follow directions.
  • Subject line of the email must read: Seven Sicilian sailors sailing the seven seas.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely with respect to all personnel at all levels, in addition to customers.
  • Forklift experience is a plus.


  • A minimum of six months of professional experience at a commercial brewery or 3 years of home brewing experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree and/or formal brewing education preferred.

To Apply:

Send a cover letter and resume to

The cover letter should describe why you are interested in the position and why Smog City Brewing Company should hire you.
Please provide a resume that includes all relevant work history. It should also contain your education and any formal/informal brewery training.
You must provide 3 references, one character reference, one professional reference and a third of either character or professional nature. At least one reference should be from your current/most recent place of work.
References WILL be checked.

To apply to any of our open positions, please send your resume along with a cover letter to and be sure to include the job title & location in the subject line.

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