Donation Requests

Smog City Brewing is dedicated to community involvement and improvement through commitments to organizations like 1% for the Planet and others. If you would like Smog City to contribute to your organization, event, or fundraiser, please read and consider the following carefully before submitting.

Guidelines & FAQ

What type of organizations or events will Smog City work with?

We focus our giving efforts on environmentally focused nonprofits, community groups focused on helping underserved communities, and the arts. If your request is for something outside of one of these areas (i.e. school/youth sports, youth groups, and faith-based organizations) please feel free to submit a request, but know that we have limited capacity to support requests outside of those areas.

My event is tomorrow! Will Smog City still participate?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate last minute requests. Requests must be submitted at least 21 days before the event.

Are there any restrictions on where my event can be held?

We can not donate beer to events held at restaurants, bars, grocery stores, liquor stores, etc. unless your organization is pulling a temporary nonprofit alcohol license for that space.

I want to serve alcohol at my event. What are the rules concerning that?

Typically, most beer donations can only be made to events pulling a temporary nonprofit ABC license. You can find out more about that process HERE.

What if I don't hear from Smog City about my event?

While we wish we could say 'yes' to every request that comes in, due to the volume of requests we receive and the fairly small size of our business, that is just not possible. We'll get back to as many people as we can one way or another, but apologies in advance if you don't hear back from us!

Read through the guidelines and ready for us to hear about your event?

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