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Our Partnership with 1% for the Planet

Smog City Brewing Co. is a committed steward to the planet. We believe it is our responsibility as a company to find positive ways to impact our environment and local community now and for the future. As part of our efforts, we decided to become 1% for the Planet members in 2017, which means 1% of our gross sales are donated to environmental non-profits. Our non-profits partners are making a big positive impact on the environment in our local community by educating, protecting, and celebrating our environment and we are excited to further their efforts through our contributions and spread more Smog throughout Southern California, the good kind! 

Community Impact Series

Food Forward
Parks California
The Bay Foundation
National Forest Foundation Logo

The Community Impact Series is made up of 4 unique beers brewed in partnership with 4 California non-profits with the goal of highlighting the great work the non-profits are doing and to support them financially through our 1% for the Planet commitment where we pledge to give 1% of our profits to environmentally-focused organizations. The full series includes:

5/10: Park Hopper West Coast IPA, brewed in collaboration with Parks California

7/12: Kumquat Saison, brewed in partnership with Food Forward

8/23: People to the River IPA with Friends of the LA River

11/8: Nesting Pair IPA in collaboration with The Bay Foundation

Check out these great organizations and stay tuned for more exciting details on the beers & series! Each beer will have its own distinct look and feel to best represent the non-profit and feature a different artist for each label. This is a super fun series for a great cause and we can't wait to bring these beers into the world.

Pint of beer next to a wooden 1% for the Planet sign
Two members of Food Forward holding Kumquat Saison beer labels at the Smog City Brewery
Hand Holding up a 4-pack of Park Hopper West Coast IPA
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