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Smog City Brewing

First Stride West Coast IPA 4pk 16oz cans (CA Beer Shipping)

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First Stride: Collab with Ogopogo Brewing | 4pk 16oz cans

West Coast IPA | 7.2%

For this assertive, tropical, west coast, we went a little old school. This delicious brew clocks in at 7.2% ABV and the rich, tropical and berry fruit aromas are complemented by a touch of color and malt character from Red X malt. Bury your nose in the glass and experience a fruit salad of guava, strawberry, grapefruit and tangerine in mythical proportions.

This beer is a collaboration with our friends at Ogopogo Brewing! Look for their hazy IPA release called Hedorah! Ogopogo's beer names are inspired by creatures of mythology, Hedorah is a kaiju smog monster who fights Godzilla in a 1971 film!

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