Infinite Wishes 2022
Infinite Wishes 2022 (500ml bottles, CA Beer Shipping)
Smog City Brewing

Infinite Wishes 2022 (500ml bottles, CA Beer Shipping)

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Infinite Wishes

2022 Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout | 13.7% ABV

Our most anticipated beer release of the year is here! Infinite Wishes is aged for 1 year in freshly emptied Bourbon barrels and is an absolute force of nature, inspiring folks from across the Southland to (virtually) line up by the hundreds.  This inky, jet-black stunner is everything you expect from the style seamlessly weaving together char and vanilla from the barrel with dark fruit, caramelized sugars, and a wallop of decadent chocolate.  This stout is big and burly, yet not syrupy sweet.  It packs an intensely expressive bourbon character, yet the finish is a mild warming sensation belying the strength of this beast.

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