Jonathan Porter- Owner, Brewmaster -

Owner and brewmaster, Porter, leaning against a brick wall in front of barrels.

Head brewmaster and owner of Smog City Brewing Co., Porter is an award-winning brewer, with six Great American Beer Festival medals and a World Beer Cup silver. Porter has been recognized in state and regional competitions and works with chefs throughout the Los Angeles area to pair our craft beers with well-crafted meals and is locally known as a true Mad Scientist of Beer. With over 10 years of professional brewing experience, Porter is well-known for his unique and challenging yet exceptionally balanced beers.

Laurie Porter-Owner and Everything Else -

Owner, Laurie Porter, leaning on a wine barrel in a room full of barrels.

Wearing many hats at Smog City is common place but Laurie does it with zeal. From sales to brand building, strategy, events, taproom, social media or bookkeeping, Laurie is there. The heart of Smog City, Laurie fosters community relationships and builds Smog City's presence and reputation in the L.A. Area and beyond. Besides her commitment to Smog City's growth, Laurie is also deeply invested in the L.A. County Brewers Guild and one of the newest Board of Directors for the California Craft Brewers Association. If you have questions, she's got answers - or knows to connect you with. Contact Laurie at

Ryan Trousdale- Operations Manager -

Ryan is wearing sunglasses, a smog city tree logo shirt, and is smiling at the camera in a tent at a beer festival.

Ryan, a.k.a. Tall Ryan, has been with Smog City since the beginning! Kicking off his tenure at Smog City in 2013 as a glass washer and beertender, Tall Ryan now runs operations for the whole shebang. Organizing production schedules, managing distribution demands, coordinating events, tasting barrels and attacking any and all tasks around the brewery, Ryan is considered the central nervous system of Smog City.​

Jason Briseño- Retail Director -

Jason is holding out a taster of beer, smiling with a backwards hat on in the middle of the fermentation tanks. He is wearing a red smog city logo t shirt.

Jason Briseno has been with Smog City since 2014, heralding from a cocktail, craft beer and wine background, he brings unique insights to the taprooms of Smog. Jason is the creative genius behind our flirty beer cocktails. His never-ending search for creative taste combinations for Smog City beers yields unique and exciting opportunities in our taprooms...besides that he also manages over 13 bartenders and keeps those wheels moving!​ Also, have you seen him dance?.

Cesar Alfaro- Barrel Whisperer -

Cesar is smiling at the camera with black frame glasses from inside the Smog City sour side barrel room.

Cesar Alfaro joined the Smog City team in 2017. His daily challenge is translating Porter's whims into the most balanced, complex and creative beers (both sour and clean) possible. Coercing these elegant libations out of barrels in the Sour Program requires a true Barrel Whisperer. Cesar oversees over 300 barrels in our 11,000 sq ft facility, blending barrels, adding fruits, and playing with wild bacteria is his jam.He's also a pretty damn good DJ.

Cathy Dolan- Sales & Distribution Manager -

Cathy has light putple hair and is wearing a soft pink long sleeve sweater with shoulder cut outs. She is standing in front of the wall of bourbon barrels at Smog City.

Cathy Dolan brings to the Smog City family wonderful sophistication in distribution 

and sales management and an investment in building the Smog City brand out in the world. She is not only extremely professional and organized but great at building 

relationships in our craft beer community in Los Angeles.


All staff photo of Smog City. Everyone is cheering, one person is laying on the floor. Many people are laughing, and loving being a part of the Smog City crew.

Pat Cross is sitting with his favorite beer, the Bourbon OE under an umbrella to protect his complexion
Jenn is smiling while behind the scenes of the giant aquarium tanks.

Reid is modeling his favorite Smog City zip up and enjoying a pint glass of pilsner at our SteelCraft location. He is wearing light colored glasses and gazing into the distance.
Lead Brewer Jake is smiling with his brew glasses around his neck.

Jason Casey is laughing while  at the mash tun.

Close up of Felicia smiling into the camera with purple hair and eyeliner.

Josh is smirking while cheersing the camera with a stein full of dark lager. He is wearing a hat, so his mohawk can not be seen and he has one dangling earring visible.
Eddie seems to be photobombing his own photo. He is enthusiastically smiling infront of a wall of taps and spirits.

Close up selfie of Japheth in his car on a nice sunny day.

Gabe is smiling infront of the fermentation tanks at Smog City

Toby is in his habitat on the sour side. Tanks and glycol lines can be seen behind him. He is squinting and wearing a Smog City hoodie.
Jayme is smiling and holding her red chicken. She is outside and wearing a hoodie.

Adam is in front of a giant pot smiling and wearing a Smog City pocket t.

Close up of Kristie with sunglasses on and a hat infront of Smog City SteelCraft

Keith is half turning toward the camera with sunglasses on at a Seahawks game. The sun is lighting half of his face.
Reina is sitting on the grass next to a camera with one around her neck too. She has glasses on, her hair in a bun, and is sipping from a can.
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