500ml bottle of Dubbel Old Fashioned Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel
Glass of Dubbel Old Fashioned and a bottle of the beer on top of a wooden barrel
Smog City Brewing

Dubbel Old Fashioned BBA Belgian Dubbel 500ml bottle

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Dubbel Old Fashioned

Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel with Cherries | 10.2%

A brand new bourbon barrel-aged masterpiece, the Dubbel Old Fashioned will have you second guessing whether you just poured yourself a beer or a stiff cocktail. Expertly blended orange peel and Michigan tart cherries mingle beautifully in the glass with bourbon and the complex Old World flavors of a Belgian Dubbel. At 10.2% , this is best sipped in your favorite cocktail glass after dinner or in front of a warm fireplace. Want to get real fancy? Garnish with a cherry and twist of orange!⁠


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