Whiskey You're the Devil (32oz crowler)
Smog City Brewing

Whiskey You're the Devil (32oz crowler)

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Whiskey You're the Devil Imperial Stout with Whiskey Soaked Oak Chips, 8.8%

While we're not ones for green beer, we do like any excuse to bring out the rare beer, so in honor of St. Patrick's day, we busted out a brand new, super delicious Imperial stout from our cellar that has been dosed with whiskey-soaked oak chips!

On tap now at the Torrance Brewery & Taproom and online for crolwers is WHISKEY YOU’RE THE DEVIL. It’s an 8.8% Imperial Stout that was made even better with the addition of oak chips that were soaked In whisky for 5 years to bring out delicious oak, marshmallow, and warming spice characters. It’s a full-bodied, roasty, festive treat. 

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