The Ultimate Smog City Thanksgiving Pairing Box
The Ultimate Smog City Thanksgiving Pairing Box
Smog City Brewing

The Ultimate Smog City Thanksgiving Pairing Box

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Our resident beer experts have curated the perfect selection of beers to pair with a full day of Thanksgiving eating & hanging. Each box comes with all the beer you need for 4 people to get you from brunch to bedtime. They'll complement all the classic Thanksgiving dishes beautifully, taking the guesswork out of curating your day.  4 tasting mats will be included in each box so you and your crew can compare what you're tasting and take notes on your favorite combo. 

You can pre-order your Thanksgiving pairing box TODAY. Pick-ups  & delivery start on Saturday, 11/21. Due to limited quantities, these will only be available at the Torrance Brewery & Taproom and home delivery.

The Ultimate Smog City Thanksgiving Pairing Box

  • Brunch: (1) 4-pack Coffee Porter 16oz cans to fuel you up for a long day of eating and drinking. Remember, Thanksgiving is a marathon. Not a sprint. 
  • Appetizers: (2) LA Wit Love Belgian White Ale 16oz cans & (1) 500ml bottle Echo Echo Echo Farmhouse Ale w/peaches & lavender. Both of these beers are light enough to complement starters like fresh salads & seafood but have a nice level of carbonation and favor to tackle & complement richer apps like a cheeseboard. 
  • Main course: (2) Sabre-Toothed Squirrel Hoppy Amber Ale 16oz cans & (2) Fields of Lightning West Coast IPA 16oz cans. Our year-round hoppy amber ale, Sabre-Toothed Squirrel, has that delicious caramel, toasty flavor that will make all your roasted dishes & turkey sing! Fields of Lightning IPA will help cleanse the palette and stand up to all that extra butter that makes Thanksgiving so fantastic while complementing dishes like your famous cranberry sauce and mac & cheese with bright, fruity notes.
  • Dessert: (1) 500ml special early access bottle Is Ticking Clock bourbon barrel-aged Imperial porter with coffee & coconut. End your night with the perfect dessert beer. This bourbon barrel-aged imperial porter with coffee and coconut could be considered a dessert on its own, but it also goes beautifully with pies of all kids- apple, pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate. Have one, have them all, have them with Is Ticking Clock. At 8.7% & big flavors, this beer can cut through even the sweetest desserts while the coffee and coconut complement your sweet endings. As an added bonus, we are not relating Is Ticking Clock as a stand-alone beer just yet, so you get early access to it by grabbing our Thanksgiving box!
  • (4) Tasting mats with detailed beer information, tasting notes, and space to write down your observations and favorite combos

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