4-pack of the Smogberry IPA
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4-pack of smogberry IPA on top of a pallet of beer cans
Smog City Brewing

Smogberry IPA 16oz 4-pack: Collaboration with El Segundo Brewing Co. (CA Beer Shipping)

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Smogberry IPA

West Coast IPA | 7.0%

We envisioned the Smogberry IPA as a new school version of one of our favorite beers, El Segundo Brewing's classic Mayberry IPA. We took their base concept of a Mosaic focused hop bomb and really kicked it up a notch with additions of Ekuanot and experimental HBC-586 hops to create a stone cold stunner of a 7% West Coast IPA that rips out of the glass with punchy, floral dankness and huge notes of berry, melon, and jackfruit.

Collaborating with El Segundo on this beer was a no-brainer for us. Both of our breweries came up at the same time when the LA beer scene was comprised of only a dozen breweries and have stuck together through thick and thin, always pushing each other to be better, work harder, and in the spirit of good & friendly competition rise above the rest. Originally planned for our dual 10 year anniversary in 2021, this collab. was unfortunately delayed for several years due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, but always remained in the back of our minds. When the @labrewers announced the return of LA Beer Week after 4 years, we just knew we had to mark the occasion with the most epic collaboration LA has ever seen.

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