4 pack of Hanging Glaciers Hazy IPA
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Smog City Brewing

Smog Days Series: Hanging Glaciers Hazy IPA 16oz 4-pack (CA Beer Shipping)

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Hanging Glaciers

Hazy IPA | 6.3%

Hanging Glaciers Hazy IPA invigorates with an abundance of Citra and Simcoe hops, it's cool and refreshing tropical profile drinks like a frozen fruit smoothie. Notes of fresh squeezed passion fruit and ripe-off-the-vine white gummy bears swirl together with a sweet tropical fragrance and a hint of pine

Hanging Glaciers is the final release in 2023's Smog Days Hazy IPA lineup, a constantly rotating lineup of beers utilizing experimental recipes of hops in search for the perfect flavor combo. Each Smog Days beer releases about every two months throughout the year.

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