4 pack image of Park Hopper IPA
4 pack of Park Hopper being held up towards the camera
Park Hopper IPA being poured into a glass behind two cans of the beer on a picnic table.
Smog City Brewing

Community Impact Series: Park Hopper IPA 16oz 4-pack

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Park Hopper 16oz 4-pack

Cold IPA | 6.6%

Park Hopper IPA is back as the first beer in our 2023 line-up of our 1 Percent for the Planet Community Impact Series, with a cool new look & fresh updated taste. Formerly a hazy IPA, Park Hopper is re-debuting as a 6.6% clear, cold IPA. Extra clean and dry so you can take this beer with you wherever adventure takes you.

For the 3rd year in a row, we've partnered with Parks California to make Park Hopper IPA to highlight & support the work they do to make our parks more welcoming, inclusive, and climate-resilient.

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