4 pack CG render of Hapi MiruMiruNew Zealand IPA
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A can of Hapir MiruMiru New Zealand IPA in front of a pint glass of beer with a nice frothy head.
Smog City Brewing

Hāpi Mirumiru New Zealand IPA

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Hāpi Mirumiru | 4pk 16oz cans

New Zealand IPA | 5.5%

For this crushable New Zealand IPA, we used extra light crackery pilsner malt to add a touch of off-dry sweetness to counter the snap of piney bitterness. We used all southern hemisphere hops from New Zealand and Australia focusing on delicate tropical fruit notes of lychee and viognier grapes backed up by floral notes of honeysuckle. At 5.5% this is going to be a beautiful all day drinker for our last weeks of warm weather.

This is a collaboration with our friends at Stereo Brewing Company in Placentia! We wanted to challenge ourselves with this beer by creating a niche hoppy style that is super duper light in color and balances hop profiles while keeping the beer drinkable and refreshing.

What’s in a name? Hāpi Mirumiru means “Hop bubble” in Māori. The name pays homage to the land where these exquisite hops came from while evoking a sense of fun playfulness- much like how we approached this beer and how we hope you feel while enjoying it. Kia ora!⁠

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