4pk of Golden Blume Pilsner 16oz cans
can of Golden Blume pilsner nexto to a one liter beer stein. Woman in the background smiling enjoying stein of beer at a picnic table.
4 pack of Golden Blume pilsner being held up by two hands in front of sky with clouds and string lights in the background.
Smog City Brewing

Golden Blume Pilsner 16oz 4-pack

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Summer of Lagers: Golden Blume

German-inspired Pilsner | 5.0%

The classic German style pilsner, optimal crispness for crushing these cans on a hot day. Distinct noble hop notes of herbs and fresh baked bread, with a supremely clean finish.

The Summer of Lagers are a series of three German-style lagers released periodically during the summer. Grab them all, don't forget to enjoy in a Smog City beer stein, available for purchase form any Smog City taproom.

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