Diamond Dust hazy IPA 4pk render
Hand holding a 4pk of diamond dust hazy IPA next to their pant leg wearing black pants.
4pk of diamond dust hazy ipa on a wooden barrel next to a glass of beer in a smog city pint glass. Red Umbrellas and trees in the background.
Smog City Brewing

Smog Days Series: Diamond Dust Hazy IPA 16oz 4-pack

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Diamond Dust

Hazy IPA | 6.9%

Diamond Dust’s huge aroma transfixes you with a shimmer of decadent passion fruit, delicate strawberry,  juicy peach and balanced citrus. It’s medium body and soft bitterness make this beer both approachable and drinkable, perfect for sunny days and vacation vibes. We bumped up the ABV on this Smog Days release to 6.9% dialing up the relaxation to kick your summer into gear.

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