Forest Understory IPA
Forest Understory IPA
Smog City Brewing

Copy of Community Impact Series: Forest Understory IPA 16oz 4-pack (CA Beer Shipping)

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Forest Understory IPA 16oz 4-pack

West Coast IPA with spruce tips | 6.4%

This beautifully balanced 6.4% IPA is like a walk through an evergreen forest on a crisp winter morning. For an extra little bit of magic in this beer, we decided to incorporate young spruce tips in the recipe, adding them in during the hop boil, extracting an earthy, resinous aroma of fresh tree sap. Pine, lemon zest and tangerine form a foundation on your palate with a distinctly sweet berry candy flavor and a hint of mango. A focused bitterness and our signature dry finish keeps this IPA super drinkable, drawing you in for glass after glass.

Forest Understory IPA is one part of a two beer collaboration with our friends at Pure Project Brewing, working together to benefit the National Forest Foundation. Since 1992, The NFF has engaged Americans in community-based and national programs that promote the health, restoration, and public enjoyment of the 193-million-acre National Forest System. We are immensely thrilled to offer our support to the NFF through this collaboration and encourage you to enjoy this beer in your favorite outdoor space with the knowledge that your purchase directly benefits their conservation efforts.

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