4pk of Bizarre Evolution 6 Triple IPA
glass of beer with white foamy head and a 16oz can of Bizarre Evolution 6 Triple IPA on top of a wooden barrel.
Smog City Brewing

Bizarre Evolution 6 Triple IPA 4pk 16oz. cans

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Bizarre Evolution 6 | 4-pack 16oz. cans

Triple West Coast IPA | 10.4%

Strap in for a hoppy ride and evolve your taste buds with the next installment in our boundary-pushing robust IPA series, Bizarre Evolution 6. This one punches heavy as a 10.4% West Coast Triple IPA, matching a hefty strength with an absolutely INSANE amount of hops.⁠

We don't even think we could get more hops into this beer if we wanted to, buckets and buckets of Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, and Idaho 7 contribute to a classic West Coast hop profile taken to the extreme.

Exceptionally hoppy and limited-run, this IPA series invites you to view life and beer through a new and bizarre lens of endless possibilities.

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