4-pack of Bizarre Evolution 5 Double IPA 16 oz. beer cans.
Tulip glass of Bizarre Evolution 5 and a can of the same beer on a picnic table
Smog City Brewing

Bizarre Evolution 5 Double Dry Hopped Double IPA 4pk 16oz. cans (CA Beer Shipping)

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Bizarre Evolution 5 | 4-pack 16oz. cans

Double Dry Hopped Double IPA | 8.2%

The Bizarre Evolution Series embodies the spirit of forging ahead & making the most out of our continuously evolving lives. We've taken all we've learned throughout the years to hone in on exciting new hop combinations, bringing you our loudest, most colorful IPAs yet.

Bizarre 5 rips out of the glass with bold aromatics of fresh peeled orange and spiced peaches. A balancing current of wood & earth run underneath it all keeping your palate grounded all leading to a pleasantly dry finish that makes sure this strong brew won't sit too heavy on your tongue.

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